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Yasemin Karaman is a travel photographer based in London. Despite a professional life in business, she maintained her interest, passion and practice in travelling and arts, especially dancing. She has discovered photography as a consequence of the accumulation of years of travelling, writing and continuous self-training to this day. Her mission is to make a historical & truthful record of the times & world we live in as well as to capture the soul of a place and moment.


Yasemin has a travel photography book Footsteps of Innocence, where she documents travel moments following the footsteps of her and local children and animals. Children and animals have a very different relationship with their surroundings and inspiring ways of observing new places and events. Here she aims to capture those moments. 

Photographer and Archaeologist Aykan Özener says about this book: "This travel photography book is different to what we have been used to seeing lately. It does not contain consumerism. On the contrary, this is a poetic story book centred on humanity and based around understanding the world."

If you are in North America, a copy of the Hardcover book can be obtained on or simple by clicking on Footsteps of Innocence

For the rest of the world, to get a copy of the Hardcover book at local prices, please email

The book is also in ebook format available for Amazon Kindle Fire®, Apple iPad®, Android devices, and Mac or PC computers. Simply click on Footsteps of Innocence

To find the book on Apple iBook Store simply click on Footsteps of Innocence 


You can follow Yasemin's journey through travel photography and stories around the world on her blog and Instragram account with the same name @travelogueress

For Fine Art prints of her work and all other enquiries, please email

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